Thursday, January 29, 2009

It TRIPLE POINTED (snowed) in our part of the world...

It finally snowed here, and we were all super excited! This is the first storm that actually left a little coating on the ground. It was actually quite pathethic, but beggars can't be choosers and we will surely take what we can get.
The kids got the day off from school so first thing in the morning, out the door they went to play in the snow before the rain washed it all away.
Michael took Ally sledding around the yard. I wished I had a big brother when I was little, he is so good to her and she was so excited!
That's our beloved dog, Kira, prancing around in the snow behind the sled. She gets very hyper when it snows so chasing the sled gave her an outlet for her energy.

After lunch, the kids made "snow" ice cream. It isn't exactly ice me! It is more like a snow cone...but the kids thought it was awesome. They had such a fun time making it, and it kept them all occupied for a very long time so it is a mommy approved project. (-:

So here is hoping we can have at least a little more snow before winter is over. If we have to endure this cold weather, it would be nice to have something to do with the kids outside.

But having a snow day was a nice surprise for the kids, and everybody was pretty content to have a day of play!

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Samkay said...

awwww Ally looks so happy!! =]