Saturday, January 3, 2009

Let the LUNACY begin....

Saturday was the big kickoff of the new season of my stepson's robotics team...which means that for the next 6 weeks Robotics will be intense! On Saturday, NASA unvieled the 2009 Robotics Competition...pretty exciting stuff.

This year's game is called "Lunancy"...a lovely coincidence since our team's name is the "Lunatecs". Maybe we will be destined to win this year?

So the teams have 6 weeks to build a robot within the parameters described by NASA. The robots have to be designed to pick up a 9" game ball and score them in trailers that are hitched behind each of their opponents robot...and just for extra kicks the game is played on a low friction floor meaning there is little traction if any.

After the six weeks, the robot gets packed up and shipped back to NASA for inspection where it will remain till it is shipped out for our first competition in Rochester, New York. Do you know what that means? Little practice learning how to drive it!

I find robotics so amazing because of the diversity in the robots. All teams are given the same amount of information and parts, and what they come with is so distinct from others. It's awesome to see these kids at work, and so exciting to be involved!

I should have some pictures to post soon, and I have a lot of slideshow stuff I have been working on...maybe I can post it for you from last years season...but for now...

Go Lunatecs!

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