Friday, January 2, 2009

Fondue FUN!

Fred and I were talking several years ago about how hectic things get around the holidays, and things we wished we could do with the kids. Next thing you know, a new holiday tradition was born.

Every year after Christmas, sometime while the kids are on break from school, we go to the Melting Pot (a fondue restraurant). The kids love fondue so it is something that we all looked forward to as the holiday season starts to wind down. It is something normally out of our price range for a family of five, but with the supplement of gift cards, it is barely more than what we pay when we eat at a diner.

We had a great time conversing with the kids...eating at the Melting Pot isn't just a dinner, it is a 2 1/2 hour event!

First you start with a cheese fondue, where you dip breads and apples into it. Then you get a salad. After the salad, you get the main course...and then the highlight of the night for me, CHOCOLATE fondue!

And not only did we have an awesome fondue night, but I had something I have been lacking for a very long time....a STRAWBERRY DACQUIRI! And it was so freakin' good!!

But the secret about this tradition is that we know as the kids get older and start their own families, our time with them at Christmas is going to get more limiting...but one thing Fred and I do know, they won't miss the annual trip to the Melting Pot! We're sneaky, aren't we?

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Samkay said...

omg, chocolate fondue!?!?!? So yummy!!!