Friday, November 21, 2008

Kids, Crafts and Crazy fun!

Today we met at my cousins house for our "playdate". I don't know if the kids were more eager or the adults. My daughter is loving these playdates! And so am I!
We had circle time right away today...probably cause we were under a big time constraint, and somebody was a half hour late! That same somebody had to be home earlier than usual to get the kids off the bus cause they had a half day of school. Somebody needs better time management skills, but I am not mentioning any names.

After circle time, we did a project. My sister in law, Jamie had drawn mugs of hot chocolate. The kids colored the mugs, then we used glue sticks to adhere cocoa, and marshmallows. The kids had a lot of fun working on them especially smearing the cocoa on the paper, on their clothes, and on their faces.

After that project, the kids had some free playtime. Ummm, it was loud...and did I mention it was loud? They had a blast though while we had "girl" time eating our lunch...although there were some moments that we really couldn't hear each other. But you have to expect some noise when you get 11 kids together under the age of 3!

Check out the baby room or as Shannon calls it "car seat parking".

We bribed the kids to eat their lunch with these cupcakes...and it worked!

For the final project of the day, we borrowed an idea that I saw on the pillsbury website except I made homemade sugar cookies. Aren't they cute????

I thought they turned out adorable....

on the pillsbury site that is.....

Ours were a little more like Indians than Turkeys, but that is okay cause when you tell a 2 year old it is a turkey, they pretty much believe you. (-:


Nicole said...

It was a blst thanks for all the fun crafts. See you in two weeks at Jamie's! Kara and Kaylin are loving it!

Jillene said...

How fun!! Those cupcakes and cookies are way cute!! I think I will make the cookies with my kids today!!