Friday, November 21, 2008

Ode to Bigfoot

I have to do an "ode" post since a couple of my blogger friends did one!

This week was a sad week for us! We are mourning the loss of our youngest cat, Bigfoot. Bigfoot decided it was time for him to move on to his next adventure so he snuck out of our house one day. We have no idea when, but my hubby noticed he wasn't around one morning. After two days of intensive searching, I have conceded he is gone.

Many of you that know Bigfoot, know our loss is great. He was once a feral cat, only motivated to come out of his hiding places for food. Over the last couple years he has morphed into a loving and friendly cat, often spending his evenings curled up on my lap while I watch TV before bed.

Biggie has 6 toes on each paw, which I think is the sole reason that my husband "had" to have him. Yes, he was probably an inbred cat. Biggie loved to watch imaginary things, it would be "normal" to see him staring up at things that weren't really there. I guess if your mother was also your aunt, you would be pretty weird too. Could your mother really be your aunt? Hmmm...something to ponder. Anyways, I think his family tree might have had some intertwined branches if you get my drift.

So we will continue our search for hopes that he is just on "vacation" and not avoiding us permanently.

Until then Biggie, I will fondly remember our time together.....

Nobody ever caught their claws in a curtain quite like gave me a big smile, every time I would wander in a room where you were shaking your leg desperately trying to get the darn lace curtain to be unstuck.

Or how you could bite off the head of a mouse in one fale swoop. Or when you would twirl your head while watching an imaginary fly. Or when you would walk on my head as I slept. Or when you would whack my butt with your claws as I walked by the bed. Ahhh, so many memories, so little time together!

You were truly one of a kind and you will be missed....but we'll keep our search and hopefully force you back home soon! We don't give up easily!

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