Friday, November 7, 2008

Thursday, the day that wouldn't just went on and on my friends....

Thursday started out blah. I had a million things to get done before another night of running children to their destinations. Things got better, but I had to get through a lot to get to the better side...such is my challenge in life. And yes, this is my eeyore post...I am entitled to one a month.

First things first...Allyson came up to me and said, "moommmmyy", then spewed vomit the girl from the exorcist...projectile the one room of my house that is carpeted. Any mother of a sick 2-year old knows what a clean up job that is. Thank God for my carpet shampooer, and candles. They are my friends!

Wednesday night, I called to check on my grandparents. I am one of their caretakers since my grandfather had a stroke and they are now housebound. They needed Orange Juice. To them, this is a drop everything emergency. I love my grandparents, and I know they need their Orange Juice. So I leave my sick child at home with her daddy first thing Thursday morning, and run out for....Orange Juice.

Oh, and did I mention that on Wednesday, we found out that my stepson has an infection in his back. He has a cyst on his back, and they did a biopsy, and his back is infected so I also had to get the prescription for an antibiotics while I ran to get...Orange Juice. This comes into play later...

So I do these two things and grab cartons of Ice cream...cause I really need ice cream. I run to my grandparents house with the Orange Juice. And my grandmom is in naked as the day she was born. AWKWARD. I shield my eyes, and put the Orange Juice in the fridge...right next to the Orange Juice that is already in there. My mom got them Orange Juice last night....when they needed it.

So I come back home to check on my poor little girl. She seems fine so we aren't sure what the vomiting was from. My hubby is on our desktop computer looking up recipes.

I get my broken laptop with all my pictures, excel sheets, word documents. It won't open. My laptop that is less than a year old...won't open. My expensive laptop that I got from my parents for Christmas, the one my hubby spent days tracking down to suit all my demands. Luckily it is under warranty until December 3rd. Talk about miracles...we won't talk about how it broke, only that it did.

Did I mention that 2-10 shift is my least favorite shift, and now my hubby schedule has changed to where he now works it every other week? So he leaves for his shift after making the arrangements for the laptop to be sent back, and finds out they will wipe the hard drive to fix the hinge....nice little bonus. Luckily we got it opened and my hubby will work his magic and save things I need.

Anyways, hubby leaves and I get ready to write my bills out and guess what?? My account is overdrawn by 61 cents cause my deposit isn't in yet and my stepson's prescription went through....

But I have a comeback plan...see I have ice cream, and ground up Halloween candy...and how can a day be bad if ice cream is in it? So we actually turned things around and made "blizzards" - ice cream with chunks of candy. YUMMY!

The ice cream was definitely a highlight, but since I had no money for gas (since my deposit didn't hit my account at that point), I had to stay for my stepson's robotics meeting. They were practicing for their competition on Saturday...and I was praying Allyson wouldn't puke and she didn't...another thing to be thankful for. She did wear her ruby slippers though...I told her if she was brave enough to wear them, then I am brave enough to be seen with her.....I think.

Luckily my poor Michael could ride his bike to soccer practice this night, but he had to brave staying home alone in the dark after practice. Something we have avoided up until now, but he was brave...even though he had a visitor. One of Collin's robotics mentors dropped something off for me. I had pre-warned him so he didn't melt down. My neighbors are awesome and Michael knows them really well and they were home so that gives him some confidence.

Ally and I actually had a great time watching the robot and the kids practice. Ally loves the robot! She kept telling them she wants to hug it...they told her that she could be their new programmer....which actually might be a good idea after seeing the big crash.

She kept telling me she wasn't scared of the robot, that is until it started coming towards us. I think I am scared of it and we should all be scared!

The robot ran full force into a concrete column. Scary stuff. I wish I had pictures of the damage. It isn't good to damage your robot right before a competition. So robot repairs had to be made...and we had to stay later...and then we had to take kids home so we were even later......

And I got home right before my hubby got home from work...and I waited in my bed dying for him to get home and......................


LOL. You guys have dirty minds, AND I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!


Jen said...

no dirty mind here..i knew exactly what you were going to say, i know you too well =D

Samkay said...

LOL I'm sorry, didn't mean to make you guys even later coming home that one day......Me and Shannon do appreciate you driving us home the days you do. Haha. =]