Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Pumpkin Picture

I was just blog reading and I came across a blog of posing kids in watermelons something I have never tried...but I have done the pumpkin pose so I figured I would share....and then when I went to that folder, I found 2006 Halloween pictures so I am sharing them too. Who cares, its my blog, and I can do it if I want to... :-)

I woke up one morning and it came to me. I had to photograph my 4 month old in a pumpkin. Don't you love it when these visions come to you so abruptly? So out of bed, and off to the farmer's market to get a pumpkin. There weren't any overly large ones, but I figured I could make her fit.

Then I got to my grandmom's with my pumpkin in hand. My grandmom's brother was there, and he said there is no way you can fit her in that pumpkin. Thus the challenge was born...I absolutely HATE when someone tells me I can't do something.
Yes, I have a stubborn streak, and I had a vision...a vision of my newborn in a pumpkin. So after some finagling and some creating folding, I wrapped her in a flannel blanket and stuffed her in the pumpkin. No limbs were broken, I assure you and my great uncle had concede that she did fit.
This is "Roo" in know her as Allyson...I called her Roo, short for Rooster as she had a strip of hair that ran down the middle of her head. And yes, I am one of those parents who think nicknames are cute.

There is always a picture I miss because I am laughing and this time was no different. The pumpkin started wobbling and tipped over. My dad and my brother ran to save her. How funny is that?? My daughter almost tipped out of a pumpkin. Who puts their daughter in a pumpkin anyways? You can't say that happens all too often! And for the record, they saved her, and little Roo survived to have her picture taken in a pot. Yes, I do pot pictures...but that is a different post for a different day!

Please note Ally's face...poor girl!

Allyson, Michael and Collin on Halloween 2006....the classic good vs. evil.

The angel of the few times you will find my daughter as an angel. (-:

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kelli said...

The pumpkin pictures are so cute! :) Ours were way more successful than the watermelons were- I think those were wetter and slimier and freaked the kids out more.

Thanks for coming by- I've been meaning to come visit your blog for awhile now and I keep forgetting.