Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanks for the fun!

Today we played with Play dough and not "Playdoh" because we actually made the homemade kind inspired by my new favorite blog This blog is awesome with all kinds of ideas for young kids...LOVE IT!

The playdough didn't turn out like it was suppose to, but that is okay. We roll with the punches around here, and the kids didn't care one bit!

Yes, that is Allyson using an Easter Egg cookie cutter. There were Christmas and Fall cookie cutters, but she chose an Easter Egg one! Go figure!

While they were playing, Allyson told me "thank you for making the fun mommy". I was cracking up...I love this age cause they are always so thankful for what they get...even if it is messed up play dough with Easter cookie cutters right before Thanksgiving!


Jillene said...

Play dough is great but around here we like Peanut Butter Play Dough so that when we are finished making lovely creations--we can eat it!!

Jillene said...

Peanut Butter Play Dough

1 cup powdered milk
1 cup honey
1 cup creamy peanut butter

Mix well. Divide into equal parts and let the kids have fun playing and eating. If you have leftovers, store in a tight container in the fridge. To use again let stand until pliable.

Annette said...

WHAT A FUN MOM! Yum- the peanut butter play dough sounds great! I think I would give my kids some melted chocolate to dip the peanut butter dough in. Then we would play a game called feed mommy the chocolate and peanut butter creations!