Monday, November 3, 2008

Soccer Sunday

Sunday we spent like most of our fall the soccer field watching Michael get his soccer moves on. We had an away game in Pitman, the same field as our COLD, FREEZING RAIN playoff weekend last year in December.

For those of you that live in New Jersey, you know that Saturday was beautiful and warm, but Sunday was COLD AS ICE. It was actually 52 degrees to be exact. Not that cold, but the wind was killer...a raw breeze that cut you like a knife. I know this as we spent almost two hours out in it.

We got to the game over half hour early so we took Ally to play on the playground to keep her occupied while Michael's team warmed up.

Please note my daughter's hair. I spent lots of time doing her hair into supercute little pigtales. When we got there, all that time was wasted cause she had pulled them out on our way to the game...URRRGGGG!

Then we headed over to the game...a hike in itself.

Did I mention how cold it was???????????

Michael didn't think it was cold enough to wear sweatpants and a shirt under his uniform like his dad suggested he guess who was cold during the game?

Live and learn and learn. Can't wait to see if he wears warmer clothes for the next game. I wouldn't bet on it. (-:

Michael's team won 5 - 1 so it was a good morale booster in a not so stellar soccer season. Michael's game is definitely improving, especially his footwork....but best of all, he really just loves soccer, and at the end of the day that is really what it is about?

Two more games left...we don't think we are going to playoffs this year, but I have been wrong before so stay tuned! Playoffs are usually on the coldest, most miserable weekend in either late November/early December....just in time to get pneumonia for the holidays, but they can be pretty exciting!

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