Monday, November 3, 2008

Michael turned 12 this year :-(

Somebody asked me the other day how old Michael is....and I said 10. Isn't that terrible? Then I said no, wait he just turned 11. After I was done talking to them, I couldn't believe I said that cause he just turned 12 this past September. That is what I get for "changing" his age so he can eat off the little kids menu, but I think those days are over. LOL

Have I mentioned how much I love this boy?????

Alas, my little monk (short for monkey) is growing up and fast. I do believe that he is going to be taller than his mom and dad! He is already up to my chin. What's a mom to do???? And let me tell you a secret...come close so he doesn't hear...girls like him. Yup, you heard right...there are girls that actually adore him....and they are lurking around here and at school like white on rice. They ride by on their bikes, they follow him when he is at events...THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

One girl in particular has her eye on him for a long time so I did what any good mother would do...I went to the school and had lunch with her so I could get the 411. She is cute, AND she has kissed boys...a couple to be exact...she told me so. UGGH...KEEP HER AWAY FROM MY BOY!

Fred, Michael and I ran into this girls mom at a fair, and she told Michael "you know my daughter has a crush on you, do you know what it means" Michael said, "yea, I guess." She said that her daughter thinks about Michael morning, noon, and night. This is not good....

So I thought things were pretty one sided until one day in the car he asked, "Why do I have to be 30 to have a girlfriend?" Ummm....cause that is just the way it is monk!


Tonya said...

i am not a monk. I do not live in a temple

Denise said...

I totally understand....and it gets worse. Just warning you :-)

Nicole said...

You knew you were in trouble with him and girls long ago...with is eyes, sensitivity, and sense of humor...there was no way you were getting around this just need to count your blessings that you have escaped it until "10"...LOL. You know he gets it honest!