Saturday, November 8, 2008

LuNaTeCs Rock the Ramp Riot!

Saturday was another big off season Robotic event for Collin's team, lovingly called the was Ramp Riot hosted by the Miss Daisy team in Pennsylvania.

Collin's girlfriend, Sam, is usually on the "drive" team, but she had another event to go to instead so one of the new girls from the team stepped up. She did a great job! Collin was "robocoach", which always makes things more thrilling for us and for him.

The robot had some more issues with the hoop bending and breaking similiar as to what happened at the Duel on the Delaware. Luckily this was our last competition with this robot.
After morning qualifying rounds, Collin's team got picked to form an alliance to compete in the afternoon. We were very excited. It is always great to see them make it to that level...sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.

But after the first round with their alliance, the hoop bent pretty bad as you can tell in the above picture. Below is them trying to repair the hoop before the next round.

The next round, they did really well....until the final lap when their robot got caught on the overpass. It was one of those moments that took your breathe away. The robot arm was caught on the overpass and they could not get it down..they tried and tried...meanwhile robots were whizzing by, and we were all hoping that one of them wouldn't ram their robot and make things even worse.
Luckily the round ended with no further harm to our robot. Then the drive team had to go on the field and "untangle" it from the overpass.

So all in all, it was a great last competition. If you are going to have these types of problems, it is certainly better for then to be in off season than in season.

On January 3rd is the big kickoff NASA webcast for the robotics teams where they will be introduced to the new game of the year and given the guidelines on their new robot design. Then they have 6 weeks to build a robot to compete in the new game, and ship it to the regulators by the deadline. Pretty exciting stuff so stay tuned!

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