Sunday, November 9, 2008

From my sick bed....

Today was one of those days that I didn't want to drag myself out of I slept and slept thanks to my hubby. I don't have many days like this, I don't like to be idle, I have to be on the move at all times. But my allergies have really been bothering me terribly today. Hubby made waffles for breakfast, I did come down and scarf down a few...then I proceeded right back to bed where I remained until Michael's soccer game at 2 o' clock. At least it was a home game!

Before the soccer game, Fred started his family's recipe for spaghetti sauce so when we got home he could make Baked Ziti...the smell of the sauce filled the house making us hungry! When I was pregnant with Michael, I could not stand the smell of it, and it took a couple years of those memories to waft away, but now I love the smell! To me, it smells like home! I was so happy to not have to worry about dinner!

Thanks Fred for feeding us today! Also thanks for freezing a ton of waffles so the kids have breakfast each morning...we'll see if Santa can get you that new waffle maker. I have connections. (-;

Michael had a really good game today....his footwork has really improved and he was top of his game. The team tied and it was a really close game, which makes it exciting for us as parents to watch. Today was a pretty nice day too...when the sun was shining it was warm enough, when it wasn't shining, it was chilly, but not unbearable.

Allyson was in a "mood" to put it delicately during the game...she was exhausted! She hasn't had a nap in several days plus throw in a couple late nights and she spent most of last night coughing so I know that wore her out. She's going to bed early tonight and so is her Momma!

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Denise said...

I hope your feeling better today. John is on daywork this week so let us know if you need help with Collin.