Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Decorating Projects

Fall is in the air! This week I have been working on making or finding quick ideas to decorate my house for Fall. I love the vibrant colors of Fall...the reds, oranges, yellows. I want to bring some of that vibrancy into my home so I have been trying to find no cost or low cost ways as I am on a tight budget this month.

So I went to my workshop and found some scrap wood. I cut it into blocks and painted them orange. Once they dried, I then painted a cream color on top. I used some sandpaper and gently sanded to allow some of the orange coat to come through the cream. Instead of using a paintbrush this time as they still seem to be hiding from me, I used a paper worked pretty good..only a couple little pieces of lint from it, but they sanded off.

I used my Cricut to make letters spelling "FALL". Stuck them on the blocks and viola, quick, easy and simple....I am glad that the days of handpainting letters are behind me...I was never that good at that anyways!

I also found a deep red leaf at my grandmother's farm this week so I framed it in a frame one of my grandmom's got me for my birthday.

I am also including in this post a ghost I made a few years ago. He was super easy too. He makes a nice addition to the mantel shelf I just put up this week. He looks better in person that in this picture.

This is just the start of my fall decorating...I plan on getting some fall leaves and lay them around here and there. I might print out some fall pictures and frame them with the stack of frames I have around here, and I also would like to get some cheap fall fabric to just put in a few places. I think my kids and I are going to make fall placements, and who knows what other ideas I will come up with. You'll have to stay around if you want to find out. LOL


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ThriftyDecorChick said...

I am so jealous of that Cricut thingy! I want one so bad, didn't realized what it was till I saw it on another site! Thanks for much for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy it! :)