Thursday, October 9, 2008

$1 chair, anyone?

Recently, I was taking my stepson to his doctors for some shots when we passed a yardsale. I didn't have time to stop then, but on the way back, I decided that I deserve a treat since I was going to an unexpected doctors appointment instead of taking my daughter to Sesame Place...long story.

Anyway, as I slowed down, I noticed something I had been on the hunt for at yardsales for some time....a desk chair. Now many of my non-blogging friends, would have passed this chair up in its worn, tired and frayed state...but not me, I live for possibilities!

When I asked how much...the guy said $1..EVEN HE DID NOT REALIZE the potential in this sad piece of furniture. So out came my $1 and in my van went this chair. I am sure my stepson was mortified to be at a yardsale!

So this chair sat on my porch for over a week with me lacking the gusto to git her done between soccer games, robotics meetings and my daughters never ending need for playtime! On Monday, I decided it was time for this castoff to be turned into the gem that it could be.

I spent all morning tearing the sucker apart...piece by piece. That fabric was really attached, and it gave me tons of problems. On top of that, I had to disassemble the whole chair so I would be able to cover it completely.

I truly wish I had a before shot of the chair, but I didn't have the foresight to know I was truly going to start my blogging adventure...

So with much trepidation, here is my $1 chair AFTER reupholstering.

I used a burgundy fabric that I have had for a few years now...and will match my scrapbooking room perfectly. Now I just have to clean out my scrapbooking room so it can fit it in there!

And just for the record, my stepson came home from school, and told me the chair was cool! Imagine that! And I told him, it is just for me since the whole reason we needed a new chair was because he broke the old one. :-)

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Nicole said...

The chair turned out great! Isn't best part of all is when your kids compliment you on a job well done...