Friday, October 30, 2009

Boo to you!

Today Ally and I decided to have some fun and "BOO" our neighbors. Typically this is often done around the neighborhood, and I really wish it had worked out for me to start this sooner in the month, but I consider myself lucky to get to do it at all.

Basically it consists of leaving candy/treats at your neighbors house with a poem attached, ringing the doorbell and running so your neighbor is unable to know who did it. Ally was so excited that it didn't exactly work out that way, but she was so happy that I let her do it her way.

Since I had to bake over 300 cookies the day after my accident, then Michael's class cupcakes for his Halloween party yesterday, I decided to forgo baked goods and just divide a bag of candy corn between our two closest neighbors. Smart move, and much quicker. (-:
I made paper cones out of Halloween scrapbook paper, tied a ribbon to hang it on the doorknob. You can find plenty of poems online to attach to it, but I made up my own little diddy. Corny, but effective. Most poems encourage to the recipient to do the same to another neighbor, but since I am doing this the night before Halloween, I just wanted to do a nice gesture.

How lucky are we?
We have the greatest neighbors, you see
So here is a little treat
To give you something good to eat.
We won’t tell who we are,
But we don’t live that far!
Happy Halloween!

On our first delivery, our neighbors weren't home, although their son arrived while we were outside decorating our house. Yes, we were JUST decorating our house for Halloween today...don't judge. Ally was so excited watching him find it on the door!

On our second delivery, our neighbors were home, and they were thrilled to recieve their package. Ally waited for them to answer rather than leave it and run. It was cute!

I just have to say that I definitely lucked out with my neighbors!!

. I love all of them! It's so nice to be part of a great community and they have been all so supportive and interested in our kids which makes us like family! (-:


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Kristen said...

She looks so darn cute standing there waiting to give them their "anonymous" gift!