Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sssshhhhh...don't tell the kids! (-:

Dear Kim...

Thanks for bringing me ....ummmm...I mean...
the kids ice cream and ice cream cones for my their snack today.

You don't know how much we will enjoy it this afternoon after lunch

...or how much I enjoyed it when I snuck some for breakfast this morning right after you left.

Since it is National Ice Cream Month, I appreciate you donating

ice cream to our month long celebration.

or just to me any day of the week....

Thanks again Kim!!! And I hope I didn't make you too late for work! You know that majority of my conversations are with little people under the age of 10 so adult conversation is a luxury around here.

And don't worry there is plenty of ice cream left for the little people!


Samkay said...

Hey....You wanna send some of the chocolate half to me?? :) lol

Cynthia said...

Yumm! It's late at night here and the kids are all asleep. Your post just reminded me I have ice cream in the freezer they don't know about. Hummmmm! That Pistachio Almond Blue Bunny Ice Cream is calling my name now. Enabler!