Friday, June 12, 2009


Another week bites the dust. (-:

1. I grew up thinking I would have lots of kids, and in a way I do. (-:
2. April Rose is a fake was the last website I was at before coming here. (It was allegedly a fake blog that has raised a lot of concerns in blogland)
3. Why don't you just be happy, life is waayyyy too short!!!!!
4. Hanging with the kids helps me relax. (MOST of the time...LOL)
5. Thanks for the the challenges because they make me stronger .
6. ???? very off-putting. (not sure what that all means..LOL)
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to speaking at graduation to present savings bonds in honor of my grandfather on behalf of all 12 of his grandchildren (-: , tomorrow my plans include spending time with my family and Sunday, I want to RELAX!


Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Im going to have to check out that fake blog...I have never seen it.

Angie said...

You asked about my black and white quilt. I got it at Walmart several years ago. I have always liked it because I love black and white!