Friday, June 5, 2009

Ally's 3rd Birthday Party

Since we took Ally camping for her 3rd birthday, we just held a small little party for her back at the house with family.

I made her a princess cake a couple hours before the party was to start....I used marshmallow fondant for the dress. I haven't worked with fondant too much, and I didn't realize that you are suppose to let it "rest" for a few hours before using. Live and learn!

As you can tell from my hubby's shirt, it was down pouring outside so he got all wet on one of his excursions outside. It seems to downpour every year when I have her party...

Who knew that for 7 years there has been a perfectly good hook on my porch for pinatas??

In the past, we have made some of the brave men hold the rope and hope they don't get a beat down while the kids attack the pinata with a bat....thanks Harry and Randy! You guys were the best pinata holders EVER. But now you can retire since we had a hook the WHOLE time! I don't think either of you wanted anymore kids anyways....

So that is the shortened version of the party just so I have a record of it for my little girl!


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