Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend recap (only a week late)

For Mother's day, we spent Saturday going out to dinner with my hubby's family...we went to a local restaurant called the Bait Box. It was Fred's grandparents, parents, my sister in law Jen and my niece Cory, along with us - Fred, me, Michael and Ally. Collin had a robotics competition so he couldn't make it. )-:

Before dinner was even served, the electric went out for a pretty long time...which meant so did the air conditioning and the ability to get soda from the soda machine. It was so dark in the bathroom, Cory (my adorable niece) accidently dunked Allyson in when she took her to the potty. EWWW! Or maybe it was retalilation for the time I ripped her jeans off because they had holes in them....just not sure about that.

After dinner, we all took a joy ride in the spaceship....doesn't everybody?

On Mother's Day, Fred took us out to a local pizza parlor for a little dinner. And for Mother's Day, they were giving the mom's pictures of their families so here is ours....

Exciting stuff, huh? Don't we all looked thrilled...after that the fire alarm (it was definately LOUD) started going off in the whole shopping plaza and we quickly made our exit. We couldn't believe our luck with the electric going out at dinner the day before, and then the fire alarm incident on Mothers Day. I think somebody is trying to tell me to stop eating! (-:
Mother's Day night, we headed over to my grandmom's to celebrate all the's my grandma hanging around...

Here is the cookie bouquet that I made for her and one for my mom.

Here are the younger cousins enjoying their time together under the watchful eye of Meeper's husband.

Allyson having fun jumping off the picnic table into her daddy's arms. (-:

Here is Colt and Ally running back after obtaining some chocolate covered pretzels from their grandmom (my mom) fast so Grandpop (my dad) doesn't get those pretzels!

Here's Colt showing Allyson how to build a campfire...He is his father's son!

And here is Kaylin (Meeper's daughter) quietly eating a stash of candy while everybody is engaged in conversation in the other room.

Don't you just love onry kids????

I know I do! (-:

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