Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Playgroup - Easter Party

Today was our playgroup's Easter party, and Meeper created a whirlwind of events since it was at her house this time. I was so tired afterwards, I had to crash on Meeper's couch for a few minutes to regain some energy to load up the kids.

First on the agenda was a book about Kangaroo's, and I got no pictures of Aunt Jamie reading it to everybody because I was so absorbed in the story. (-:

Next we went on to dying Easter Eggs. Meeper gave each kid a choice on what color they wanted to dye their egg, and passed them the cup. Then the child harshly "gently" plopped their egg into the cup as to not spill the dye.

After dying the table easter eggs, we moved outdoors to hunt for Easter eggs and candy. The kids were super excited and ran all around trying to find eggs...most of the time running right by them...go figure. But that is okay because mom's deserve candy too!

The two babies, my nephew James, and Ava (who are almost not babies anymore!) were so hard to contain, and so eager to hunt for eggs and candy that we had a hard time holding them back.

Okay, seriously. We sat them on the grass, and they didn't move once during the whole hunt. I helped Ally for a few minutes, and when I came back, they were still sitting in the exact same spots.
Below is Colt adding to his stash! He's going to be 3 years old tomorrow!
Happy Birthday Colt!

Allyson had a great time finding eggs once she got into it.

Kaylin had a blast opening up the eggs and dumping the contents on the ground.

What a great hunt, but it was point Jamie had to chase down one of the bags for the kids because the wind got it. I was unsure how long she would chase it, but she was commited and ran quite a distance before she caught up. Way to go Jamie! Your dedication to this Easter Egg Hunt did not go unnoticed. (-:

Next up were the Peanut Butter Easter Eggs we had made in a previously post. Meeper made a bunch this morning so the kids could decorate them as a project. As Meeper passed them out, Kaylin followed her and "stole" the first one she could reach.

She ran away with it, and just to make sure that we didn't take it from her, she "licked" it to claim it as her own. I know she must do this a lot with Meeper because Meeper is germ phobic and would never eat anything her kids had licked. Way to go Kaylin! You learn quick!

So the kids decorated their eggs, Kara kept making a mess with the icing bag...sound famliar? If not, check out my cake decorating posts...and you'll see we may only be cousins, but she might take after me in the messy icing department. (-:

Quote from Ally today "Aunt Jamie is nice". See below.

Some kids found the chocolate eggs to be a bit too messy, but that didn't stop my nephew Colt from figuring out a way to avoid the mess. (-;

Some kids started out clean....

But then ended on a messy note....(-:

After Jamie left with her gang, and after my brief encounter with Meeper's couch...Meeper and I decided to do a weigh off. My daughter Allyson and her daughter Kara are wearing the same size clothes in a lot of cases. Allyson will turn 3 in June, and Kara will be 5 in December.

And the winner of the weigh off is......ITS A TIE!!! Kara and Allyson both weigh 33.4 pounds?! First the scale had Ally at 33.8, but we weighed her three times, and the last two it said 33.4 so we are sticking with that. Isn't that crazy? Kara is taller than Allyson by maybe an inch or two.

And today was a disappointing day for me. Every playgroup I almost always get a picture of grumpy, mad or sad Kara....she is happy most of the time, but it seems like there is always a chance to catch one of her famous faces. She makes the BEST faces, and I am always waiting to capture them, but today she let me down....although her smiles can be just as good.

Love ya Kara!


jamiesowers said...

Great pics! We sure do make some beautiful children.
I didn't realize you saw me chasing Billy's bag all over the place! I thought I was going to have to run over to the neighbors!

Shawn said...

such fun!

Xazmin said...

looks like such a fun time! I LOVE easter!