Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter Sunday

Bear with me while I try to update my blog with some back stories. I enjoy blogging life events because my eventual goal is to have this blog printed into a book for the kids documenting their lives....
Easter Sunday, we went to my Aunt Donna and Uncle Bruce's house for Easter with my dad's side of the family, so here are some photos from our day.
This year, the Easter Bunny went to his girlfriend's house so he didn't make an appearance as he had in the previous years. That didn't stop the kids from asking a zillion times if he was coming....
Here is the Easter Bunny during his appearance from last year....

Here's Meeper and I giving him some lovin'....

which is probably why he wouldn't come back this year....(-:

Anyway, we did the Easter Egg hunt without the Easter Bunny, and the kids made out just fine. Plenty of candy for the parents kids.

Michael looking so grown up in his suit...I can't believe he is going to be 13 this year!

But he still acts like a child most of the time. (-:

Here is my brother holding my nephew, Baby James. Obviously James wasn't too interested in his first Easter.

Here is my grandmom all dressed up in Ally's finery. A nice hat and her best pocketbook.

Then for laughs, we got my cousin Justin to get into his Easter best.

This year was a hard Easter for us being it was the first Easter without my grandfather. We all managed to get through it, and have a good time, but he was definately missed terribly. As the afternoon began to wind down, my dad, mom, my grandmom and I went to my grandfather's grave to plant a flower.

Here's my grandparents on Easter 2008.

But we know my grandfather was definately with us in spirit, and he left us with lots and lots of great Easter memories.
As Michael just told me tonight, "his great grandfather was one smart guy".
I couldn't agree more. (-;


Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

ROFL...I know who that Easter bunny is!!!

Samkay said...

LOL So sorry to have kept the Easter Bunny from his Easter duties. lol :)