Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fullfilling my step at a time!

In my frazzled, overwhelming rewarding journey of motherhood, I have selfishly wondered from time to time what would it be like to take a cake decorating class??
Meeting new people and getting out of the house every week without kids, having adult conversations, learning to decorate a cake and then eat it...doesn't that sound divine??
But time, money and energy have always forced me to give up this little dream of mine...UNTIL NOW!!! YIPPEEE!!!

The PTO at my son's elementary school, which is less than 10 minutes from my house, is offering a "free" cake decorating class. I am so excited!! I called my cousin, Meeper, and we both attended our very first class.
It was sooo much fun!!!
And to top it off, the class is taught by one of my son's former teacher, and I really like her. She has been making and selling cakes of all sorts, including wedding cakes, for over 20 years! And she has no set number of weeks to end the class, it could go on FOREVER...I know I personally want to suck up all the knowledge she has!!!

So we do have to go buy supplies...which I am guessing is going to cost us a bit of money...but knowing how to decorate cakes and save money on store bought ones is going to be a huge savings so this is a lifetime investment!!! I LOVE to learn things that are going to save me money in the long run....

I might add that only 3 people showed up for class and that included Meeper and me. It's not too late to join so if you live in my school district, let me know if you are interested, and I will try to secure your spot....

HOLLY, I am talking to you!!! (-:

So my bloggy friends coming soon...

The Trials and Errors of Cake Decorating 101.


Samkay said...

oh that sounds so cool!! lol I hope you have lots of fun! :)

Denise said...

Thats awesome! Wish I could go...and who the heck is Meepers?!? LOL

Kristen said...

Oh good for you! I used to teach cake decorating classes until my hubby made me quit because he never saw me anymore. You will have so much fun, I still do wedding cakes and I love it! Try this, one of my favorite icing flavors is to add Raspberry Extract instead of Vanilla. Let me know if you like it!!!