Monday, January 5, 2009

Tuesday Tribute to Stephanie Nielson

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

So I thought I would start the Tuesday Tribute that Jay and Deb are intiating this week....what a great idea!

This weekend I was completely enthralled in the story of Stephanie Nielson. I had never heard of her blog or her story until the other night while blog surfing, and I was completely saddened by the tragedy that befolded her family. I have to say it just really saddened me that such a great wonderful mother has suffered such a huge tragedy, and I pray that she finds strength as her struggles continue.

Stephanie and her husband, Christian, were in a private plane crash in August of 2008. Both survived, which was truly a miracle but with severe burns. Stephanie body was burned more than 80% and Christian over 30%. The flight instructor on board was not so lucky and died from his injuries.

Please remember all of them in your thoughts and prayers, and check out Stephanie's love letter to her family...her blog. It is an amazing blog and I spent all day reading about her life. What an inspiring blog!

Oh, and I should also mention that not only did she and her husband survive a plane crash...they have four children, which is an inspiration in survival at its best!

You can check out updates about Stephanie and Christian via her sister Courtney's blog, you can also check out the website, which is a collection of news about the Nielson family. You can also donate money to their recovery fund if you feel so inclined, I am sure every little bit helps.

Stephanie Nielson, I don't know you personally, but you have truly touched me, and I wish you and your family the best in the New Year as your healing continues.


Deb said...

what a wonderful idea for a tribute. i was just recently introduced to the touching story of the nielsons and there is no way NOT to be affected by their tragedy and subsequent miraculous journey/recovery.

thanks for joining us today! see you next tuesday.

The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic said...

Beautiful tribute!

Annette said...

Wow..I just went and looked at her blog... I do not know if my heart can take it! I will check it out some more. It just hurts my heart to know that people go through things like this. What a blessing they survived,what a blessing for their children. Lovely tribute.

KatieZ said...

What a truly magnificent person you are! You have a heart the size of the moon! Great post and great way to get her name out there. I will head over myself and check it out! Thanks for a great tribute!

Jay @halftime lessons said...

Wow...what a great Tribute...

So fantastic of you to help keep their cause out front...I hadn't heard about this, but I am absolutely going over to read their blog now.

Thanks so much for participating in the Inaugural Tuesday's Tribute...this is exactly why we started it. The pithy fun posts are great, I have a bunch planned myself...but when you can use your traffic to send people to where they can help, that's huge.
Thanks so much.


Denise said...

Your tribute was very nice....and makes me look terrible for picking Uniqua from the Backyardigans. Maybe next week I can find a tear-jerker too.

nikkicrumpet said...

I'm going to go over and check out their blog now. Thanks for the information.

Grand Pooba said...

I found her blog awhile ago too and it is heart wrenching!