Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In honor of Sheba and Siam (A Tuesday Tribute written on a Wednesday)

Tuesday's Tribute
A Jay and Deb Production.
Today is Wednesday, but I couldn't let Tuesday Tribute slip through my hands this week.
Todays tribute is to Sheba and Siam, two adorable, ultra friendly cats that belong to my sister in law, Jamie and her sister, Kristi. Sheba and Siam's story is a love story of epic porportions.
This past weekend, they both passed away. Sheba died on Friday evening. Siam died Sunday. Here is there story in Jamie's words....
Sheba died peacefully late Friday night. She was 19 years old. Siam was still curled up to her and he was meowing and looking at me like he knew something was wrong. It was late so i wrapped her in a towel and placed her on one of my dog crates (up high so my dogs wouldn't get to her , in the basement).
The next day we tried to decide what we were going to do with her...bury ...cremate. Then I had to wait for Kristy because she was her cat growing up. So we didn't get her buried until Sunday. The whole day Saturday Siam would jump up to where she was and sleep with her even though she was completely covered up and not in a spot he would normally sleep. He would come down to eat and drink, then go right back. He was still there when we took her away.
I felt really bad for him so I went to the store do buy some rice to make him a rice bag (you know the kind you put in the microwave to heat up and use like a heating pad) to cuddle with. When I got back he was laid out by his water bowl taking his last breaths. I picked him up and held him and about 10 minutes later he died in my arms. Randy (her husband, my brother) and I took him outside and buried him with Sheba.
Do you think he died to be with her? Died of a broken heart?
So Sheba and Siam, rest in peace, and we are happy to know that you are now together again!


Jay @halftime lessons said...

On man, Tonya, that's sad... We have 2 young kids and a beagle, and I sure am not looking forward to the day when she...leaves.

Thanks so much for your Tribute, and for playing!! Hope we see you next week!


Denise said...

Wow! Thats so sad but so beautiful too.

jamiesowers said...

I love you sis!

Deb said...

what a heart-wrenching story. so sad, but sweet at the same time.

now next week get your post up on tuesday so more of us can hear what you have to say!