Monday, December 22, 2008

The Christmas Rush

Anybody that knows me, knows I seriously love to wait till the last minute to get things done. I thrive under pressure, and being organized and planning ahead is hard for me to do. :-)

So the past week, I have been diligently working on my list of Christmas projects. The days have went so quickly trying to get everything done, but I am happy to report that all things are done and now I have only "fun" things left to enjoy with my kids.

One of the projects I made as a gift was for my stepson's girlfriend. I took a frame I got at a yardsale, painted it black, then took my cricut and made Padme and Anakin stickers out of vinyl I got at Lowe's on clearance for $3...Don't try to get any at our local Lowe's, I bought it all cause it is usually $10 a roll so it was a great deal!

Padme and Anakin are Star Wars characters, and both of them love Star Wars, and they were Padme and Anakin for Halloween so it is their "special" nickname for each other. The date is when they started going together.


Since Thanksgiving, I have seen several blogs that made their own tablecloths for the holidays. Most of them were painted, and I loved the way they looked. But after thinking about it, I decided that easier is better for me so I took more white vinyl and used my cricut to create a whimsical tablecloth on my little table. The kids like to move the snowflakes around so they change on any given day...


My daughter is getting some baking things from my mom for Christmas so I thought an apron would be cute for her to open on Christmas day. This project I think I made harder in my head, then it definately ended up being!

I took a cut open brown paper bag and while holding it up to her, I quickly drew out the apron pattern. I then cut the pattern out of the bag, then used the pattern to cut out the fabric. The fabric I picked up on clearance at Walmart for $2 a yard. I bought two yards figuring I would make one for myself and one for her.

To cut down on time, I cheated and used zigzag scissors so I wouldn't have to hem the edges. I did use two pieces of fabric to make it stiffer, I just sewed the two pieces together so you can see the stitch. To cut costs for the neck and waist, I used ribbon left over from my ribbon belts...I could have used fabric too, but I didn't want to hem it and the ribbon worked out well.

I also cut out a simple hankerchief that she can use as a doo-rag. I just thought it would be cute addition!


I also have been making some signs for Christmas presents...and I made myself a present for my porch. It looks way better in person, and of course I took out identifying information to protect my family.

It made a nice addition to my porch. I made several of these for gifts as well, but I don't want the people I did it for to know. Just a piece of wood, black spray paint, my clearance white vinyl, and ribbon I had leftover from my daughter's birthday party.


I also have been baking. This tray was filled, but between a Christmas party this weekend, and my family, they are dwindling...but when I made these I flash freezed a bunch of cookie dough so I can have fresh cookies baking various times throughout the next couple weeks.

And last, but not least, I have made bunches of korker bows for my daughter. These were time consuming, but I wanted to finish up all the ribbon so I just figured I would do it until the ribbon was gone! Some are missing, my daughter likes to hide them in her daddy's work shoes! Yuck!

So I am sorry that I have been neglecting my blog lately, but I have been so busy! I hope to keep up better now that things are finished....


Ritch in Love said...

Hi! I love finding other blogs by stepmoms! Yes, I have a great set of kiddos in my world! I'm very lucky. I love the pictures you put together for your stepson and his sweetheart!

Samkay said...

Tonya, again, thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much for the frame!!! It's sooooo cute. I absolutely love it. =]

The aprons are soooo cute. And ewww she hides them in Fred's shoes??? lol Grossss lol