Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Magic of Christmas Parade

This weekend I attended two Christmas events...Friday night I went on a Yuletide house tour. My cousin Amy and I love it! We have been trying to go every year so it is becoming a tradition. I don't get to see Amy nearly enough! We had so much fun touring old homes decorated for the holidays! But alas, I forget my camera as I switched coats last minute so no pictures. )-:

Saturday morning, I took my kids to the Christmas parade that our local town has every year. I can remember going to this parade since a child so it holds a special place in my heart.

We met up with my brother, his wife-Jamie, and their sons, Colt and James. Colt is 7 weeks older than Ally so they love seeing each other!

The best part of the parade for the kids was the candy. My nephew, Colt, got a ton of candy. He was determined to get every last piece that was thrown! Check out his stash....

Pretty good for a small town parade! He had so much fun getting every last piece. Ally on the other hand would just get one piece each time it was thrown and forget the rest. Colt was loving that, more for him! I had such a great time watching him collect his candy.
Towards the end of the parade I saw him sneakily taking Ally's few pieces of candy. See, I put a few of Ally's candy in his pile first, she saw me, and got upset that I was giving away her candy so I grabbed it back. Then Colt got upset thinking I was stealing his candy. .

Colt was so funny, watching us to see if we were watching him, then sneaking her candy into his pile. Then after he got it moved to his pile, he began his final move it to the basket of his brother's stroller. Piece by piece he moved his stash to its secret hiding place. I love that kid!

Ally enjoys seeing characters right now so she was excited to give Scooby Doo a big hug. I hope she is this happy to see Santa this weekend!

Baby James slept through his first Christmas parade! It was very cold, and over an hour so good for him!

Of course it can't be a Christmas Parade without Santa!

We had a lot of fun hanging out of the parade despite the cold! Can't wait till next year!


Annette said...

Looks like SO much fun! That sneaky Colt is a kid after my own heart! He will be a good stalk broker some day!

Jillene said...

Who doesn't love a good parade?! Looks like fun!! I love that Colt was sneaking others candy--hehehehe!! I would have gladly given it to him so that I didn't have to take it home!! (0;

The Leijte's in Vegas said...

Hi, I am sneaking a peek at your blog. I love parade's. big ones little ones, the clowns always freaked me out, but most christmas parades don't have them thank god! You have a great blog, I can not wait to get mine fixed up.

The Leijte's in Vegas said...

How funny, I did not see the green letter above and i think I hit the publish my commit like 4 times, sorry about that! You do not know me, but Annette will rell you I am what I am..