Saturday, December 13, 2008

First Christmas Party of the Season!

Thursday night we celebrated Christmas with our friends from Collin's robotics club. I have to say we had much more fun than we thought we were going to have! After a year of Collin being on the team, we have made some friendships that we weren't expecting!

Ally was so excited to go to Collin's Party and see Sam (Collin's girlfriend). She kept asking me if we were going to see her there, plus she was excited to finally be allowed to wear one of her Christmas dresses.

And see that bow in her hair? Yup, it was one of the Korker bows I made earlier in the week!

So this was a picture of Ally and her daddy before the festivities got into full swing. Note the gray in his beard, that is from his 2 year isn't from me like he'd like everybody to believe. (-:

So the night began with the "Empress", as we call the leader of the group, having each student stand up and introduce their families, explain why they joined the team and where they go to school. We had an excellent turnout of the team members and their families! We also had a couple new students join the team, which is always a good thing especially because we are lacking parental volunteers so it gives us fresh people to help out. The more the merrier!

After that the mentors introduced themselves. I have to say the mentors are a special group of people...many of them volunteer long hours, and don't even have children on the team. I think that is amazing that so many of them give so much of their time! Kudos to them!

Fred and I donated a photo book to the team. The below picture is the only picture I have of it. The team has been trying to go to community sponsored events to promote awareness of robotics, recruit new members and fundraise so we thought it would be a great vechicle for them to use at these events to give a better understanding to what they do. We are also giving each student a video montage of the 2008 season, but with my grandfather's passing, I didn't get to do it yet. They'll get them in January (hopefully).
After all the introductions, we ate. Everybody chipped in and brought stuff. We had an awesome feast. My hubby made Baked Ziti, it was super good, but I only got one helping cause it was gone before I got up for another helping! Thanks Sam, you took the last of it! There was also lasagna, a ham, wings, salad..and so much more. For dessert, there were a lot of cookies. I made a huge tray of cookies, and so did everybody else. (-:
After dinner, everybody mingled. The kids went off to start playing music and dance. They had a great time...I think it was a good bonding experience for them...they were all getting along and just having fun. It was nice to see.

See the korker bows didn't last all night, but we probably got half way through.

When we joined the team, there wasn't anybody with a little one to play with Ally during competitions and practices. But in the last couple months a new girl joined the team, and she has a little brother almost the same age as Ally. So Ally has a new friend. He came over and grabbed her they went. They ran around holding hands. Fred and I were talking, and we heard everybody start cracking up. Ally and her new friend were hugging and kissing. 2 year olds move quick these days!

So it was a great night, we didn't get home till late. Collin did come home with a really nasty bite mark. I think his girlfriend is way too much into Twlight. (-:

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Samkay said...

Ok, the only reason I ate the last of it was cuz Collin had gone up there and got it for me. And then told me just as I was about to finish eating what he got me that I got the rest of it. lol So, blame him. Not me. lol

And it's his own damn fault I bit him. lol He was trying to take my s'mores things, so I bit him to get him to let go. lol It didn't work tho. That's the sad thing. Haha. It's all gone tho. So, it's all good. XD