Saturday, November 1, 2008


After doing the bake sale all day, we packed up and raced home to get the kids in their costumes. This year we had no budget for Halloween costumes as money has been really tight so we had to go cheap and easy!

Luckily, when I am yardsaling, I try to get as many halloween costumes that I can so I have a lot to chose from...of course it is always easier to find ones for my little girl than for the older kids.

Collin and Sam (his girlfriend) decided they were doing Star Wars and being Anakin and Padme. Collin just used an old black costume we had and we modified it to suit the purpose. My mom picked him up a lightsaber for him. Thanks mom! Sam did her own version of Padme...she calls it the ghetto "Padme" costume. But hey, whatever works.

Michael wanted to be a 70's I tied dyed a shirt for him and my mom got him an afro wig....gotta love my mom! He loves that wig, and his tye dyed shirt....he has been wearing them every chance he gets! I should have had him wear the afro mischiefing, now that would have been funny!

I didn't know exactly what Allyson was going to be until we left for trick or treating. She had a lot of yardsale options....a dinosaur (awesome costume), a dorothy (wizard of oz) costume with her red shoes (I was pulling for this one) or pocohantos. I got all of these at yardsales for less than $10 each. I think the dorothy dress was a $1 at a yardsale in the spring, but I did buy the shoes at Walmart for $9. She doesn't know who Dorothy even is, but the red shoes won her Dorothy won out!

First we took the kids to many of our relatives around the area...then we let them trick or treat in our little town. Collin and Sam went out on their own, while I took Ally and Michael with me. Fred, unforunately, hadn't been feeling well so although he went with us to the various relatives, he didn't make it out around town like he wanted. )-:

This is the first year that Allyson really understood what was going on, and she loved it. She cried when we came home! The kids got so much candy, it is really ridiculous. One of our neighbors just poured it into their bags. We had to dump their bags several times.

In the next day, I will go through the kid's bags and steal a lot of their chocolate so I can chop it up and use it for the holiday baking that is coming up....and it is also scrumptious on ice cream!

I hope everybody had a great Halloween, I know we surely did!

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Nicole said...

Yeah, I miss the yardsaling. We will have to get more in next year. How did you manage to get the pig tales in Ally's just love challanges don't you!