Friday, October 31, 2008

Mischief Night 101

We create "mischief"....that is just what we do...we were born into it, and it is in our blood. Mischief is us and we are mischief.

So the night before Halloween, no matter how tired and exhausted we are.....we drag our lazy butts out into the cold and work our mischief magic.

Like many family traditions-pepsi addiction, sugar addiction, OCD- Mischief night is high on the list. When I was just a whipper snapper, my father taught me the ways, and now I have passed those teachings down to my children like a good mom should. I have so many fond memories of climbing silos hiding out, being chased by dogs, being whacked with a broom or being shot with the hose by my grandfather on mischief night! What a great childhood I had!

Have you ever walked down a country road on a fall night under the cover of darkness with your family? It is a great bonding experience, I assure you! Looking at the stars, then having people shine spotlights lighting your's amazing!

Since Michael was little, I have faithfully taken him out for Mischief night. Great memories they are. We generally go to my grandparents house, my aunts house and my parents house.
My Aunt even called and asked if we were coming, she looks forward to having her yard trashed, just like we look forward to trashing it! Like I said before, I have the greatest family ever!

Michael getting the job done...

After we got the posse together, we started at my grandparents house. The little kids were so excited, screaming in delight...not exactly the covert mission we planned.

It wasn't long before the porch light came on, and my grandmom, standing in her nightgown, started yelling jokingly at the kids. She was joking, right? Well who knows, but she loves seeing the kids so she is fine with it...really.

The little kids, which included my nephew Colt, and my cousin's daughter, Kara, along with Allyson, had a great time running up to my grandmom and then running away. Colt kept running back to the adults saying excitedly, "grandmom says get out of here"...and then running back up to the door where my grandmom was to hear her say it again. He is so freaking adorable!

Ally and Kara were running and just giggling the whole time. Kara did tiolet paper, but Ally just had a good time laughing and giggling having no real idea what was going on. Thats my girl!

Allyson skipping away from Grandmom's door

Then we walked down to the other end of the street where my ornery Aunt Donna lives. She's the one I mentioned was calling to see if we were coming or we would announce ourselves??? Geez, she must think we are amateurs! She had bought water balloons hoping to peg Michael this year. That didn't happen, but she did toilet paper us adults while the kids were trashing her yard.

Arriving at Aunt Donna's and Uncle Bruce's house...

Aunt Donna, what a face!?

Anybody ever think they'd see Collin as a "mummy"?

My nephew Colt being the mischief maker he was meant to be!

There's Michael writing messages on the glass to my Uncle who is on the other side of the door.

After that, we walked back to our cars at my grandmom's....okay some lucky ones did not have to walk...but I am not jealous...well..maybe...just a little.

After we got back to the vehicles, we drove to my parents house where we finished out the night.

What a great night! I love keeping family traditions alive, and my kids so enjoy having a night of mischief! Of course, when we got home someone had gotten our house, but it is all in fun!

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